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9 Things To Consider Before Buying A Affordable Residential Plots

Affordable Residential Plot,There are many government scheme in the country that are state specific and you might want to check your local newspaper or residential column to check the deep understanding but the basic design is to provide homes to low and medium household ranging from 25 to 35 lakhs depending on the size, location, state. Some of the Affordable residential schemes are
1) Pradhan Mantri Jan Awas Yojana (Central Government)

2) Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojana  (DDJAY) (Haryana)

3) Mukhya Mantri Awas Yojana (Gujarat)

And many more

Not wasting more time let’s start the list

1) Government Approved

There are many developers coming up with the affordable residential plotting projects but how can one be sure if they are genuine. For that you have to check the state level RERA number from the government website because if not you would be taken a ride for your money and get stuck. So make sure the plotting scheme is government approved (RERA Registered) .Period.

2) Location of your Residential plot

Well as you know in real estate they say the 3 most important thing is Location, Location, Location. Make sure you research and find the affordable residential plots at a promising location with easy accessibility and good future prospects for growth and that best suit your needs.

3) Construction Permits

The third most important factor while purchasing Affordable Residential Plots is to find out the government norms and policies regarding the permissible area for construction.
Like the permissible area in the buildable floors, area to be left for balcony, area to be left for backyard etc. It should be an important factor for consideration while buying affordable residential plots

4) Planned and present Infrastructure facilities

Well let’s face it at the end of the day people are going to be living in the homes you build. So make sure the facilities like Multiplexes, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools and Stores around your affordable residential plots makes it worth living and no one wants to drive 40mins to get the basic necessities after coming from a tiring day at the office or on a holiday.

5) Important Roads and Intersection

It is an important that the affordable residential project is near/walking distance from main roads and intersections. In your affordable residential plots selection make sure checks the planned roads in and around the plot. It makes it extremely important as you go in and out of the city swiftly hence near a National Highway would be even great.

6) Parks and Community Center

It also very important that there are play area near the residential plot as affordable or not affordable residential plot you need space for your children to play and for you to enjoy a morning and evening walk or even to breathe. Also make sure community center is present because you will need a small gathering place for events in your life asking for other facilities in the community center from the developer will do no harm.

7) Gated Society

Safety and Security should be an important aspect for your affordable residential plot selection. Affordable Residential Plotting in a gated society ensures that, preventing any trespasser and non residents entering the area. Gated society helps in maintaining your carefree life.

8) Underground Water and Sewer

Some of the basic amenities like sewerage system and underground water tank needs to be in order. This is a very important consideration while choosing an affordable residential plot if you don’t want flooding in the monsoon. Make sure the drainage system is up to mark because if people in Mohenjo Daro got it right in ancient India why can’t your developer in modern India.

9) Ecofriendly

It is 2020 people and global warming is real issue and we as a collective have to do something about it so it not a bad idea to get to know if the developer has kept that in mind and included systems like rainwater harvesting, garbage disposal etc.

Springwoodscity is one such project that encompasses all these factors. Located at a prime location near Bhiwadi, it is one of the most promising affordable residential project in Dharuhera.

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